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Monday, April 26, 2010


I love the "touche'!" story in Matthew 15, where near the end, the woman says: "Truth, Lord, yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their master's table".

I'm sure that to some, people such as I, legally blind, and people who may have other physical ailments, are misfits, or - if you will, "crumbs", in that we are not physically attractive or, to use an old-fashioned word: "comely". We may be "crumbs" to some, yet still we are from The Master.

Today was a state holiday, so my workplace was closed. My nephew didn't have to work today either, so he and the granddaughter of a lady where we worship, came over awhile about noon, after having gone to a bookstore earlier. He worked on his truck a little, then we 3 went for burgers.

The young lady is one who might be considered a "crumb" because of some physical problems with which she was born, but think of this: Isaiah 53, in speaking of the Messiah, says: "... he shall grow up as a tender plant ... as a root out of dry ground, he hath no form nor comeliness ... and there is no beauty that we should desire him ..." In other words, The Christ was not handsome; why do we think we should be?

Besides, God looks on US - what we are, not what we look like (1 Samuel 16:7). And thanks to 2 young people, my day was beautiful!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this, Netagene.

If we could just see people through the eyes of Christ and not ourselves, we would probably meet some wonderful people that perhaps we'd not have given a chance otherwise.

It seems as though the good lookin' people take their looks for granted, then when they start to slip away, they do all they can to reclaim their youth. People who are considered physically "unfortunate", I've noticed, tend to be more down to earth and approachable with tender hearts and generous spirits. They know what's important and it's not what they have on the outside.

Personally, I'd rather be beautiful on the inside first and foremost and that is the quality I want people to be attracted to. It's the Christ IN us that draws people to us, not how we look on the outside. Or at least that's the way it SHOULD be.

But oh, how often even I am guilty of judging the book by its cover!

Thank you for writing this. I'm glad you had a pleasant day!

Netagene said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. My nephew has some problems, too (don't we all!), but he has a good heart. He often leads prayers at worship, and if there is a particular one hurting for some reason (illness, death, etc.), he calls them by name. He was asked to lead the closing prayer Sunday night, and I don't think there was a dry eye afterwards! As he told some, it comes from his heart. You can tell it - that he is sincere.