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Saturday, April 3, 2010


... weaving webs and schemes out of thoughts and rhymes and strums -
Coffee house at night, and around camp fires bright -
The common language of every tongue.
Friendships made - singers trade what's deepest inside their mind.
The intimacy there is beyond compare
With riches of any kind.
Facest glow and the words flow and a hand taps a gentle beat.
Sharing the sounds dissapates all frowns,
And the circle is complete.
Knowing nods, the ambrosia of gods - the singing fades away.
A happy tear with friends so dear -
The end of a perfect day.

- by Netagene, December 21, 1992. This is really what happens in a coffee house or around a campfire late at night. I know! I've been part of it a lot of times! Jules Lee Paulet (a singer/songwriter/producer in Tampa, with whom I performed a few times) tossed out the 2 words: "musicians dreams" just as I was leaving his house late Dec. 21 after we'd practiced some songs. I had the poem "written" within an hour, in my mind, by the time I got home. It was printed in the monthly magazine of the Friends of Florida Folk.

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