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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I twisted the meaning of Matthew 15:27 yesterday because I'd rather be called a "crumb" than a "dog", as the verse actually says. I wrote this poem today, using that same verse.

I may not always get what I think that I should.
I may get what I think is mere fluff,
'til I remember that God's blessings still shower me,
And the crumbs from His table's enough.
Moses chose hardship to follow the Lord,
Rather than an Egyptian lifetime of ease (1),
And Daniel, in prison, obeyed God's commands (2),
Knowing it's God, not the king, he should please.
I may think I should be rich in this world's goods,
With a car and a house and fine clothes,
But whatever God gives me, I know will suffice.
I'll accept whatever favor He shows.
Some think they can warm by the devil's fire (3).
Unlike Peter, they think they are tough.
But I'd rather a spot by the Master's side,
'cause the crumbs from His table's enough.
What I think will not matter when I'm finished here.
My "good deeds" will be gone in a puff.
So while here, I'll be thankful for my blessings from God -
Even crumbs from His table's enough.
When life gets hard, and I'm down in the dumps,
Thinking no one has had it so rough,
Then I think of the Christ, who died for my sins,
Then the crumbs from God's table's enough.

1: To some, what Moses chose would have been "crumbs" compared to a life of ease and abundance if he had chosen to stay and be a prince of Egypt, considering that he had been taken as a baby from the river by the king's daughter (Hebrews 11:24-25). 2: Daniel chose to follow the strict Mosaic dietary laws rather than eat the rich food that the king offered him (Daniel 1:10-16; see also Psalm 141:4). 3: Peter chose the easy way out rather than to suffer, though of course he later regretted it, and repented (Mark 14:66-68, Luke 22:54-57).

I also thought of the old Jimmy Dean recitation: "I'm drinking from my saucer 'cause my cup has overflowed".

- by Netagene, April 27-28, 2010 -

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