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Friday, December 10, 2010

My Last Day at Work

I am not much for parties, and I let it be known at work that I did not want a going away party. I had worked there a little less than 5 years, so was not retiring. Of course I ride VIP (the local bus company's name for their paratransit service, which is door-to-door). I also let it be known that if, on my last day, there was a party for me, that I would walk out, and walk the 2 blocks on the busy highway (no sidewalks) to the nearest fixed route bus stop. My co-workers knew me well enough to know that I would do just that. I wasn't real sure if I'd show up for work on Monday and Tuesday, November 29 & 30 or not. I DID go to work that Monday, and got the hardest work done so that my replacement (a lady transferring from another department - I told her she may be going from "the frying pan into the fire") wouldn't be hit with that first thing while trying to learn the things.

I planned to at least stick my head in the door for 5 minutes on Tuesday, the 30th, but have my driver wait, then get back on the bus. I had permission to ride Jeff's whole morning route (he works a split shift) and spend some time at the bus yard. As usual, I had a little gift for each VIP employee (about 48 people: bosses, admin, 8 schedulers, 4 dispatchers, and drivers). I buy gifts in January when they are marked way down, and had bought a bunch of beautiful 4" faceted plastic snowflakes, which supposedly was to hang on a tree, but I put one on a ribbon and wore it as a pendant. I put the snowflakes in Christmas cards. A few said they'd hang it for a sun catcher, and others - on their car rear view mirror.

The weather was real nasty that day, so I didn't even have Jeff stop at my work place. I had a wonderful time though, at the bus yard. I always do. I've gotten to know so many in the almost 5 years I've been riding VIP. I am not a hugger, but I got more hugs in those few hours than I could count! So my "last day at work" was real nice!

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