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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are Weeds - Flowers?

Is it a weed, or is it a flower?
Insidious invader? Oh, don't look so sour!
Dandelions yellow and low to the ground -
I love to see them everywhere, so pretty, sunny, and round!
Nandinas and lantana can take over, and spread,
But they're lovely when contained, maybe bordered in a garden bed.
I love the sweet honey that bees make from clover.
The white, red, and purple makes a useful ground cover.
And the nectar from honeysuckle covering the fence -
Sure it can take over - long vines that grow dense.
Some plants keep soil from eroding. I've seen mangrove trees.
Don't dredge and fill for condos, but let the beaches "be".
Some plants that are called real flowers can still take up a yard.
You plant and prune and still they die, even when you've worked so hard!
Ivy climbs. Its tendrils grab, covering trees and walls,
But it, too, stops erosion, like a green cascading fall.
You dig and plant and twist your back. You ache, and land in bed.
I'll relax on my swing and enjoy my weeds - pink, green, yellow, and red!

- by Netagene - Mother gave me some of her old "Birds & Blooms" magazines, so just before midnight (a couple of hours ago), I wrote this. And yes, I DO love it when my yard has a lot of dandelions - I DO think they are beautiful - and clover and ivy, and honeysuckle on the back fence, though I did have to have the nandina dug up because it was starting to spread too much and I had not the eyesight nor the energy nor the money to put a "wall" of bricks to enclose it. -

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