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Monday, September 6, 2010

Bird Bushes

The chore to take these pictures was in getting out into my yard. Not only is the yard sloped a little (the trees are in order, so you can see the slope), but a few years ago I had to have some big maples taken down (like closing the barn door after the horses got out - after spending a lot to get the tree roots out of the water lines - groan!). So there's some old roots still a little above ground, as well as some depressions. I also had to watch for ants. I had to use one of my canes to be sure of my footing. But at least bushes and trees stand still! The only flowers in my yard are the crepe myrtles that were along the back fence row when I moved here, and a hydrangea and 4 o'clocks in one spot. There was a rose of Sharon, now long gone, out in the "middle of nowhere". One azalea that my dad planted, did grow. Otherwise, nothing to attract birds. BUT ... at least there's bushes and trees, from the azalea to taller scraggly ones at the front of the house (facing North), to some junipers, etc., on the East side fence, to the tall pines farther back. Sometimes I see 20+ sparrows fly into one bush at one time! It's the bush at the left in the first picture.

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PoshCakeDesigns said...

LOL love the scenic view from your yard.


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