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I am a member of the church of Christ. I have been writing things since I was little. Some have been printed, some posted. I write to teach or encourage; to blow off steam; and for fun! I had my own motorcycle in my 40s; I was a bluegrass music DJ for about 13 years; I've performed some. I am a member of the NRA. In 2003 (age 59), I became high partial legally blind; in 2005, I had to get hearing aids! Franklin Field said: "Poor eyes limit your sight; poor vision limits your deeds". And no kidding, the picture was made April, 2012!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon

Minnie Pearl once said that as she walked down the side walk, she overheard some men behind her, whispering. "They said, 'Would you look at that lady! She looks like the breath of Spring!' Well ... actually what they said was, 'Boy! Don't that gal look like the end of a long hard winter' ..." So here's a head start for Halloween, or for your dart board! (I can make fun of myself, but YOU had better not!) My left eye is almost totally blind, and goes its own way. These are "self-pictures". I made them this afternoon, by holding the camera at arms length ... I guess you can say, "At the end of a long hot summer" ...

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