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Friday, September 3, 2010


The road of Life I'm traveling on
Meanders 'round and on, then gone
'til I don't know which way I've flown.
I wonder how I'll get back home.

Little children laugh and play,
And wish it was a longer day -
'cause children love a-maze-ing ways,
While parents guard and watch and pray.

Then comes a time - the child's a teen,
When some are nice and some are mean -
When hormones flash and whine and scream -
Need parents' love - a calming stream.

Then college, and we leave the nest.
We're on our own. We've passed the tests.
Our parents now can have some rest -
And all involved know we're so blest!

Then marriage, family, jobs and more -
The hours move slowly. Life's a bore.
We wonder what we're living for.
We've drifted far from peaceful shore.

Honeymoon's over. Laughter dies,
Yet Love and Life is worth a try.
Yes, it takes work. We'll sometimes cry.
Recapture Joy, and we'll get by.

The cycle starts all over again.
In Love and Life, we lose, we grin.
It all takes effort. We can't give in.
Keep our eyes on our goal. We know we'll win.

The road of Life I've long years on.
It skitters, rambles here - then gone.
Can't measure what my Life has sown,
But Heaven waits - that's my real home!

- By Netagene, written in less than 15 minutes today at work, with only a few changes after I got home. I have no idea where this one came from; it just did. -

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