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Saturday, September 18, 2010


"A redbird in an apple tree!" -
That's what I told a friend.
I'm thankful I can hear and see -
My senses joyously blend.

To behold the wonders God has made,
Watching through the glass,
Or sitting, rocking in the shade,
Contemplating things that pass.

Some apple trees are in my view -
Redbirds come to nest -
A peaceful scene when day is through
Helps me unwind and rest.

The apples feed both birds and me,
And both are a delight.
I thank the Lord that I am free
As day turns into night.

- by Netagene - Mother saw her doctor a couple of days ago, and told me that she mentioned all the real tall trees outside his office. He told her that he wished it was a redbird in an apple tree, rather than the tall deciduous trees. Mother told me that about an hour ago, and said she wishes I could paint a picture for the doctor of a redbird in an apple tree, or at least write a poem about it for him, for her to give to him. Because it took me only a few minutes to write the poem, I will probably change some words. (A note Monday evening - Mother said the poem is not quite what she had in mind, but she was unable to explain farther.)

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