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Thursday, September 16, 2010


I got the idea for this after reading only a little of the true story, "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. The verse with a couple of asterisks can be personalized. I will finish reading the book this weekend. Is one which I will read again and again. I've underlined a lot of it.

The time has come that I am old. I limit my self-pity cry.
I won't reminisce about the "good ol' days". My 'rememberer' just might lie!
'Philosophysing' is not for me. But let me get one thing straight -
Humor me, now that I am old: Enjoy what's on your plate.

I'm not talking about eating vegetables. I'm talking about deeper than that.
Make the most of the life you are given. It's too late when your lifeline goes flat.
Maybe you were born with money. Maybe you just got by.
Make the most of whatever you're given, Because the days do surely fly.

One day you can't **take out the garbage**, So what will that matter to you?
It will let you know you are sliding. You may miss that before you are through!
The things that seem unimportant Are the most important of all.
You might miss a cool drink from the kitchen, Or a hug when a friend comes to call.

You can't take your money with you. It's only to ease this life's wheels.
Love all the ones who're around you. Life is not about lock-step drills!
So what if you don't clean the windows? So what if your lawn's a bit high?
Is that all that to you is important? What will be said when you die?

At your eulogy, will one say your windows Were always shiny and clean?
Wouldn't you rather be known for loving - That you made smiles, rather than windows, gleam?
March to your own personal drummer. One day you'll miss simple things.
You won't miss the corporate rat race. Do things that make your heart sing!

Take a friend and go on vacation. See mountains, rivers, a beach.
Take time to stroll through a garden. Good things are not out of reach!
Read to your child, some story. Listen as he says his prayers.
Everyone needs some loving. We all want to know somebody cares.

It's better to love friends and family - Better than a spotless home.
So what that you're now wrinkled and shaky! With friends, you won't sit all alone!
We've faith in God and good things. We wish; we dream; we hope, but
Love is the only thing that lasts. It's our real and true anchoring rope.

"Love is the only rational act" Is what some wise man once said.
So be glad you can still do that. It's too late when your body is dead.
So while there's time - Are you listening? My life here I know will soon end.
So listen, and learn what's important - And love, as I love you, my friend.

- by Netagene, September 15, 2010 -

Couplet 5, between the asterisks, can be personalized with such as: paint a picture, wash the dishes, throw a baseball, write a letter, work a puzzle ... and so on.

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