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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Guide Dog and the World Trade Centers

I am a member of the American Council of the Blind, one of 2 major advocacy groups for the blind in the USA. I've attended only one national convention, in Jacksonville, Florida a few years ago. One of the speakers was Michael Hingson. He and Roselle were on the 78th floor of the first tower that was hit on 9/11/01. Roselle, from Guide Dogs of America in San Rafael, California, helped Michael and several others to the street. Amazing! You can read their story on several on-line sites. Several years ago, a friend and I rode Amtrak to Emeryville (near Oakland), California, to visit kin who lived near there. While there, I got to visit the guide dog school in San Rafael. While I hope to never need a guide dog (and even with a good bit of usable sight, I qualify for one), it's good to know that I can get one - and know that their training is such as what Roselle did. God bless the USA.


BobV said...

Can we truly ask God to bless the USA?
The USA, along with many other countries, routinely kill unborn babies in the womb and call it a medical procedure.
Society in the USA today boldly says THERE IS NO GOD. We are strong enough we don't need the crutch that is God.
Was that not what the world was saying during the time of Noah?
Rather, I pray frequently that the USA would become a country that God WOULD BLESS. Turning from self and turning to Him. Putting our trust in Him and not in ourselves.
It is sad to see where we, and the world, are going.
Bob Von Bruns

Netagene said...

Thanks for your comments. I am well aware that some people in the USA kill babies and do a lot of other things contrary to the Bible. Still, I hope that God will bless and protect us, and that He will watch after and guard and guide the president and those who make our laws, so that they will do what is right. To me, your saying: "I pray that the USA would become a country that God would bless" is the same as my saying: "God bless the USA".


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