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Friday, January 22, 2010


Both of Daddy's parents lived well into their 80's. Mother's dad was 91. Mother is almost 93. Daddy fell - died just before his 88th birthday. One doctor asked me of what did Granny (age 102!) die. I almost told her all the butter, eggs, cheese, pork, etc., finally did her in! Most were still fairly mentally sharp. I rarely give in to feeling bad - but I didn't make it to work yesterday or today. I'm not contageous, just feel like someone squeezed my head in a skin 2 sizes too small. If I were a cat, it would help if I could upchuck a hairball. Anyone have a plumber's snake to clear the goo from my throat? I may have to give in and get a ride to a doc-in-a-box in the morning. Store brand mucinex seems to be helping some, but slowly. Maybe you can relate to this that I wrote last Fenruary.

You've heard of hostile witnesses. You've heard of reluctant brides.
Well, when it comes to doctors, I'd rather hide.
I'm not in a courtroom or wedding, don't want jury duty or marriage again.
It's just that I've met several doctors who don't really want you to mend.
I am mostly reluctant to go there, and a bit hostile when I depart.
They often don't get to a problem's root. I wonder - do they know where to start? Are they bribed by pharmacy companies?
Do they push meds that make you more ill?
Don't they often treat only symptoms?
Don't they oft say you're just "over the hill"?
Not many in my family have been sickly.
Most medicines have been natural cures.
Maybe that's why my kin has been healthy -
Why both sides of my family endure.
My family's "problem" is longevity. When we die, it's usually from old age.
Our physical house finally crumbles, as we pass to our eternal stage.
The side effects of some medicine is sometimes worse that what it is for!
I think stress and unhealthy living can cause a body to get sick to the core!
And I have met a few doctors who think "God" is their first name.
They may be good in a laboratory, but with people, I think they're insane!
Maybe that's why I don't like most doctors, plus I know I'll die anyway,
So just help me stay mostly pain-free, and we both will have a good day!

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