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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Since I posted some things I've crocheted, I'm debating about setting up another blog and learn how to maybe sell a few things I've knitted and crocheted. I've seen some such blogs on line. Because I never know how long I'll be on the bus, especially on the way home from work, I usually take something to do.

Speaking of hobbies, here's some others things I've made - well, not actually made, but painted. With lack of depth perception, it is often time consuming. The place I've been several times is called Painted by U. You can look up the site ( There are stencils and such, but I prefer to draw things free-hand. It may look like a 4-year-old did some of it, but it's mine!
The couple who give me a ride to worship has beige with grapes as their kitchen motif, so that's what I painted on the 6" tile; the thing with the blue flower is called a "pencil holder" but could be a small vase or drinking glass; the switch plate is now on my hall wall, next to a similar picture I painted at Sips 'n' Strokes. I plan to do more of both the ceramics and painting.


Anonymous said...

I think you did a perfectly lovely job! My skills are for more elementary. And I do mean that literally - I draw like a child in elementary school, that is to say - stick people!

I love the mug...the colors and especially the flower! Just beautiful!

Netagene said...

Thanks. But I bet your stick figures are cute! When I was in jr. high, I was encouraged to major in art, and in music. Either of those take a lot of extra time, for which you don't get credit. I chose music. I remember that the college chorus was a 1 credit hour class, but it was 5 hours a week in class, plus extra time learning and memorizing the words and music. I took voice and classical piano and got an A.A. in music.