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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Jabal raised livestock.
His brother Jubal was the "father" of those who played musical instruments.
Their half-brother was Tubal-cain, an instructor in brass and iron.
I wonder if Tubal-cain made the musical instruments that were played.
And it's interesting that the first music mentioned in the Bible is in the lineage of Cain - Genesis 4:16-19.

King David was the "sweet psalmist [singer] of Israel" - 2 Sam. 23:1.

In Heaven, will there be sermons, prayers, Lord's Supper, or collection? What will there be?

When I awake, sing sweetly to me.
When the sun is up, sing brightly with me.
When I am happy, sing with me.
When I need to relax, sing gently to me.
When I am sad, sing croons to me.
When I want to celebrate (1) - graduation, a new job, etc. - sing joyfully with me.
When I go on a trip or move away (2) - think of bands on a ship dock - sing me on my journey.
When I need to learn something (3), put it to a tune and sing it to me.
When I am upset, sing softly to me.
When I feel like crying, sing the blues with me.
When I win a battle (4), sing sing triumphantly with me.
When I am imprisoned (5) - literally or figuratively - sing with me.
When I am safe from my enemies (6), sing with me.
When I am worried and cannot sleep (7), sing to me.
When I angry, sing to calm me.
When it's raining, sing to me.
When I worship (8), sing praises to God with me.
When I am married, sing with me.
When I birth my child, sing lullabies with me.
At night time, quietly sing me to sleep (9).
When I'm on my death bed (10), let the last thing I hear on this Earth be your singing to me as I listen for the Heavenly angel chorus on Heaven's side to welcome me.

God writes the songs (Deut. 31:19) ... God sings (Zeph. 3:17) ... and God gives the songs (Job 35:10).

Sing to me.

Some verses - I'm sure there are more - 1: Lk. 15:25-27; 2: Gen. 31:26-27; 3: Deut. 31:19-22; 4: Jud. 5:1-3; 5: A. 16:23-25; 6: 2 Sam. 22:1; 7: 1 Sam. 16:14-23; 8: Psa. 104:33; 149:1; 9: Psa. 42:8; 10: 2 Chr. 35:25; 11: Mt. 9:18-25.

- by Netagene, June 27 - 28, 2008 -

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