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I am a member of the church of Christ. I have been writing things since I was little. Some have been printed, some posted. I write to teach or encourage; to blow off steam; and for fun! I had my own motorcycle in my 40s; I was a bluegrass music DJ for about 13 years; I've performed some. I am a member of the NRA. In 2003 (age 59), I became high partial legally blind; in 2005, I had to get hearing aids! Franklin Field said: "Poor eyes limit your sight; poor vision limits your deeds". And no kidding, the picture was made April, 2012!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

1 off, 1 on

1 off - I've been on Face Book off and on a couple of times, and last night decided to permanently get off. Even though I wasn't on it much, I still found it time-consuming, though I liked seeing what old friends look like now. I didn't like all the constant ads on the right side. And I didn't like the "you might know these people" sort of thing. I figure with a couple of e-addresses and a blog, if someone wants to find me, they'll figure out a way, besides the fact that I came back to my hometown in 1996.

1 on - With my new Franklin Electronic Bible that I just bought from, came their print catalog. I always read catalogs. There were a series of "help" books, which had interesting titles, which struck me as a unique way to look at things ... so I wrote a poem. I'll post the book titles later "on" this blog, and I'll also post my new poem "on" this blog.

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