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Thursday, November 11, 2010

SUBMISSION to Authority

Noah - Genesis 6

SUBMISSION is doing what someone else says.

A man told his son to build a house in a certain place, a barn in a certain place, a fence in a certain place, and a well in a certain place. The son built the house, barn, and fence where his father specified, but said that where his dad wanted the well dug was too far away, so he dug the well elsewhere. Did he submit to his father? No, he only agreed with his father on some things.

Submitting is getting off YOUR throne and giving it up to God.

Noah did ALL that God commanded (Hebrews 11:7), even if it didn't make sense to him. God told him to build an ark ("what's an ark?") because He was going to send a flood ("what's a flood?" - there had been no rain, only dew).

Some things probably don't make sense to us - what we are to do in worship, to love our enemies ...

The book of Deuteronomy is mostly Moses' sermons to the Israelites, that they were to obey God, and reminding them of what God had done for them.

1. God loves us and is on our side (Deut. 10:12ff). He cares for us and wants what is best for us. He demonstrated His love.
2. God has rules. Deut. 11:1-12: you've seen all God has done for you; verse 8: therefore keep ALL of His commandments. God wants love and fear/respect.
3. God explains in clear language what the consequences of disobedience are (verses 13ff). It is one of the many Biblical examples of "if/then" - "If you do not obey, then [this will happen] ..." or "If you obey, then I will give you rain, abundance, long life ..."
4. God gives the freedom to choose (verses 26ff) - to repent or reject His authority - a blessing IF you obey all, a curse if you disobey.

1. We are to teach submission and rules to our children (Ephesians 6), and give them the freedom to choose when they are older. If a child will not submit to his parents, likely he will not respect and submit to God.
2. God's rules for worship, such as women are not to be in leadership role (I Corinthians 14:33-38, especially verse 37).
3. God's rules for our personal lives - We are to do ALL in the name of Jesus (Colossians 3:14-17).

God did not say that we are to agreed with Him, We are to obey - to SUBMIT to ALL that He tells us.

(My notes from Tuesday night's sermon by David Maxson.)

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