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Sunday, November 7, 2010

GOOD Choices, BAD Choices


I learned years ago that all sin is selfishness, but not all selfishness is sin.

Doing what you want to do, rather than what God says to do, is sin; doing what you want to do rather than what your spouse or friend wants to do, is not, and with a spouse or friend, sometimes maybe you need to take turns or compromise.

The visiting preacher this week is David Maxson, who preaches for the Embry Hills church of Christ in Atlanta. (Yes, they have a web site, and yes, his picture is there.) His sermons this week are about "Opening the Door", and are based in Genesis.

His first sermon was about Adam and Eve, and how they were selfish and chose wrong. Even though God sent them out of the Garden (like a parent punishing a child), they were the one who "closed the door" to God. I failed to take notes on that sermon, but wish that I had. And it was after the sermon about Lot had started before I started scribbling notes.

This evening he preached about Lot, and how Lot, in being covetous and selfish, made wrong choices. His uncle Abram, and God, tried to save Lot, but Lot didn't want it! Here are my notes.

In II Peter 2:6-8. God calls Lot a "just" and a "righteous" man, yet think of the trouble in got into by making poor choices! (The rest of the verses are from Genesis.)

1. Lot selfishly chose to pitch his tent toward Sodom (13:7-13) and later he moved TO Sodom (14:12 - then Abram got Lot out of more trouble). Lastly, he felt that he should be a judge there (19:1, 9), even though he was a foreigner!

[Not in David's sermon, but I immediately thought of Psalm 1:1 - "Blessed is the man who walks not in the council of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers". It is a progression; Lot did all 3.]

2. He offered his virgin daughters to the men of Sodom (19:4-8).
3. He hesitated to leave Sodom (19:15-22).
4. He got drunk, and
5. He committed incest with each of his 2 daughters (19:30-36).

By being covetous/selfish, wanting more and more of material things, and making poor choices, Lot wound up losing his home, his wife, his daughters married unbelievers, and he ended his life living in a cave.

[I also think of Joshua in Joshua 24:15: "... Choose you this day whom ye will serve ... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord".]

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