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Monday, November 22, 2010

help me come up with a title for this one!

Treading water in an empty pool, or waking from a good dream?
Disappointment can be so cruel when reality's lost its gleam.
It's disheartening to find things blurry, not lively and at my feet.
I sometimes must look in the mirror to change things from lemons to sweet.
I'll learn from the problems I've been through, and change the setbacks I can.
I'll tackle the image I see there ... With God's help, I'm still able to stand.
If a physical problem hits me, or a friend or kin shies away,
I'll remember it's only temporal, and Eternity's my brighter day.
I know there will always be problems. I know I will sometimes be sad.
Contentment is what I will strive for, knowing I'll make it, and I will be glad.
I'll fill up that "pool" with pure water. I'll hang onto my dreams and my plans.
I know there's hope for tomorrow. With God's help, not "I can't", but "I can"!

- by Netagene, November 19, 2010 -

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