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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Election

Yes, I am pleased with the way not only the Alabama election went (even though I did not vote for Bentley in the primary), but with most of the other state elections. Now if President Obama would only realize that much more of Congress has other ideas of what is best for us, than he has, that less of "Big Brother" socialist government is better, and to give "we the people" the voice, rather than trying to make this a country ruled by a dictator. (When King Ahab in the Bible, didn't get his way, he went to bed, covered his head, and pouted! People haven't changed!)

Sometimes I think a lot of politicians don't give the citizenry credit for having brains - though we are the ones who put them in office! (Of course I do wonder where some people's brains are when they vote for certain ones.)

I firmly believe that God gave each of us a brain and that we are to use that brain, rather than sit idly by and wait for a handout. With freedom comes responsibility. Those who choose irresponsibility (such as not voting) will be enslaved. I'm not much into politics, but I study up on the candidates the best that I can. I could go on, but this will suffice.

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