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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Food, that is! Sometimes, even on a limited income (which I'll be in a few more days), y' just gotta have some! (My other vices are yarn and music!) I'm almost out of my drink of choice (diet Dr Pepper), and didn't feel like standing at the bus stop in this wind (high temperature's 54 today but the wind is cold - yeah, yeah, to all you Yankees what's 54 degrees!) and going to Wally World. Round trip for THAT, by fixed route bus, would have been about 2 hours, even though WM is only about 6 miles away.

So I braved it and walked across the busy street at the end of the block, over to Family Dollar. At first I was just going in my slacks and long-sleeved T-shirt, etc., and amber-lens polarized sun glasses (a necessity because of my sight), but after walking to the curb, came back in, added gloves, an ear-warmer (I crocheted it by copying a friend's old, old one - I'll eventually post a picture of it), and a light-weight jacket.

I mostly bought some sunflower seeds (which I'll put out for the birds) and some cashews (I love 'em!), and, since FD doesn't have DP, I bought a 2 liter diet Coca Cola. (Why, when we in the USA, do not use the metric system, are drinks bottled metrically?) I also bought 2 cans of Pingles' chips, and a few other things (some necessary, some not).

I admit that it takes me 10+ minutes to walk the equivalent of about 1 city block (FD is in an almost vacant strip shopping center with a BIG parking lot). Of course hat includes looking to my left, looking to my right, looking to my left ... starting across the street, backing up when a car flies my way, starting over, getting part of the way across, ad nauseum! ... Before I was good out the FD door to come home, I heard someone walking behind me, and spoke. Luckily, it was a lady who'd also just come out of FD. Then on more or less level ground, I stumbled. The lady offered me a ride. I explained that I hadn't spoken to try to get a ride, and she said she realized that. Still, she brought me home.

I rarely carry cash with me, so all I could offer her was: "Thank you so much. God bless you".

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