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Monday, July 12, 2010

Christ died for ...

Sometimes I pass a little Methodist church with a cemetery on the grounds.
It's been there about a hundred years. The folks all stay around.
It's a little off the beaten path, and such a pretty sight.
The members there all love that church and think they're doing right.
Today I passed that little church. Two signs outside I spied.
"Vacation Bible School this week" was there in letters wide.
I wonder what of God is taught since "Bible" is in the name.
Other things were on those signs ... "Recreation" ... "Games" ...
There'll also be a petting zoo and a "SonHarvest" county fair.
So why then call it "Bible" school when God's not mentioned anywhere?
"Flowers, painting, slip 'n' slide, music, hiking, pony rides, fun inside and sun outside!"
Is this the reason Jesus died?

- by Netagene, June 14, 2003, regarding a church on Sweeney Hollow Road, about 4 miles from my house - I've also seen the same sign elsewhere, on other church property.

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Anonymous said...

May I offer an alternative view point? I taught VBS this year and part of the experience is fun & games, snacks, crafts and even a petting zoo (we were on a "ranch" this year).

Here's what it looks like from the inside: worship time by singing songs that are straight scripture; games & snacks that were ranch-themed; crafts that were Biblically-based and tied in to each day's specific scripture verse; an hour of in-class instruction - straight from the Bible. More scripture memory and explanation of the Word. Activities that put emphasis on the life-application of the verses we taught.

I understand why the church of which you speak is boasting of the fun aspect of VBS. The target group to get to VBS are the unchurched children of the community. The way to do that isn't to boast of 2 hours of straight Bible study and teaching. We've got the get the kids in the door in order to share the love of Christ with them! Sure, VBS is for our believing children as well, but the emphasis needs to be on the ones who don't yet know him.

That's not to say that the Methodist church is doing VBS the same way my church did - perhaps it will be more recreation and less on the teaching aspect - but I can say that the promotion of our VBS week was very similar but not at all worldly.