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Monday, July 12, 2010


Today was garbage day. I don't take my garbage can to the street unless I just have a whole lot of stuff in it, preferring to take just 2 or 3 small grocery bags with what little trash tied in them, to the curb. It bugs me when I get home only to have to walk in the street to get the can which the men on the truck have plopped in the street rather than back in the yard. (Yes, I know that sometimes wind will blow it out of the yard.)

I keep the can under my carport, and at 5:30, even on the longest day, it's a bit dim there, plus of course I have only half sight. I glanced in the can - and thought I saw something about the size of my hand, and furry ... but of course my eyes might not have seen correctly; it could have been a piece of ratty old towel that I'd tossed in, or some dirty paper towels.

Nonetheless, since neighbor Anthony was taking his trash out, I asked him to come over and see if he saw what I thought I saw.

He did. It was. He borrowed my white cane, held it at arm's length, and pulled the garbage can down on its side. In a few seconds, the can started to rock a little. I didn't see the critter run out, but Anthony did.

It was a baby possum.

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