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Monday, July 5, 2010


In yesterday's paper, as usual, was a lot of ads and coupons. To let you know a little bit of how I see, I'll give 2 examples.

Evidently, there is a "good" spot about in the center of my right retina, which is why I can again see fairly well with that eye. But maybe because it is so small, I have to be looking right at something to actually see it. I lack such peripheral vision that I can't even see a billboard on the side of the road unless I'm looking right at it!

I've had maybe 36 months of piano lessons, between early grammar school, and my last semester of junior college. Because of my eyesight, if, at worship, we sing a song that's new to me, I can get either the words - or the notes - correct. Even though the words and the music are no more than 1/2" apart (usually less), I cannot see both at the same time.

As to the ad in the paper ... and I even got a chuckle out of this ... it was was for Tide. I read the blurb as "pain relief" (say huh?). I saw "ain" and "relie", maybe because of the mood I'm in (not good today).

The ad said: "stain release".

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