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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Flowers for Mother, though they're not home-grown.
It's the best I can do when you are alone.
All colors of flowers - I don't know what kind -
A mixture of odd ones - I hope you don't mind.
I know you are hurting in body and heart.
I wish I could help you, but where would I start?
I know that these flowers may not help at all,
But they'll break the monotony of the same ol' four walls.
The dead can't enjoy flowers, nor smell or see -
Flowers for funerals - that's wasteful to me.
Sometimes I send flowers - I don't usually plan -
I just send some flowers whenever I can.
So Mother, I thank God for you every day.
I ask Him to bless you each time that I pray.
Please know that I love you, and I know God cares,
So Mother, here's flowers, though I can't be there.

I wrote this in a few minutes today. Yesterday at work we got word that a lady who retired in April from over 30 years, is in the hospital in SICU. She had diverticulitis and had to have a foot of her colon removed, and had to be given 8 units of blood! I called a florist and ordered flowers for her (they'll be delivered when she's out of ICU), and while I was at it, ordered some for Mother. I asked for the cheapest they would deliver, but it still cost about 8 times as much as a bunch from the grocery store. I asked the florist to chunk in whatever odds and ends she had, along with carnations and daisies - all colors. When I can, I buy flowers from the grocery store for Mother, but only when my nephew takes me, and can take them to Mother. I started giving her flowers a lot not long after I moved back here. Even though we live only 2 miles apart, since I don't drive, it's hard for me to get to see her.

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