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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saints and Superheroes

Also in today's paper is a big article about a group from North Alabama who, a few years ago, decided to organize summer camps and such in poverty stricken areas of our state. I am definitely not against anyone doing that. But today's article showed a picture of and talked about what goes on there. I have no problem with most of it, but one thing in particular bothers me.

The picture shows some of the campers and counselors doing a skit with David and Goliath - and Spiderman! Spidey was helping David. Wiill someone please tell me which person in the Bible is Spiderman (like Clark Kent is Superman)? Maybe one of David's brothers hid behind a tree and morphed into red striped clothes and a mask so he could help his little brother? Also, since when is God not enough to help David? As a chimney-corner scripture says, "One man and God is a multitude",

It reminded me of the videos of "Little Dogs on the Prairie" and "Veggie Tales", which, as one news article I read several years ago said, "makes learning Bible stories FUN!" Since when do Bible stories need to be "fun"? And don't most children, even little ones, know what colors are and what a coat is and what mean people are and what a hole is? Why do children need talking prairie dogs or a talking tomato to tell the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors?

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