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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Devilish things hide in the darkness -
In the shadows of the nights -
So when I'm lured to watch bad things,
Lord, guard my eyes from evil sights.

Musical beats are often catchy -
Speech and lyrics ever abound -
But listen closely - some words are bad,
Lord, guard my ears from evil sounds.

We all learn from each other.
We repeat things we have heard.
Let what I say be pleasant.
Lord, guard my mouth from evil words.

Good and bad go into us -
Through eyes and ears, what we've been taught.
We only say what's in our hearts.
Lord, guard my mind from evil thoughts.

- by Netagene, written in a few minutes today - The last line of each verse is a 4-line prayer that friend Shane said this morning on the bus on the way to work. He said he thought about using only 1 line: "Guard all portals to or from my soul from evil", but I like his 4 simple lines much, much better. Don't you?

Here are a few appropriate verses: Exodus 23:2; Psalm 34:13-14; Proverbs 4:23; 13:3; Isaiah 29:13; Matthew 12:34; 15:11,19; I Peter 3:10-11.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is AWESOME! I would like to post that on my blog, giving you full credit of course!

It's so simple, but perfectly said. Such things should be our prayer every day.

Thank you for sharing.

Netagene said...

Sure, and thanks for giving me (and Shane) credit (no need for our last names). What's your blog? We can list each other's blogs if you'd like.