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Saturday, July 17, 2010


I recently mentioned "WIP". That stands for "Work in Progress" and can apply to a lot of things. I am a WIP (aren't we all), but I usually refer to things I'm knitting or crocheting as a WIP. I always have several things going on at the same time.

Right now, on my porch swing, I have 2 crochet WIPS: an afghan (gift for my usual driver-to-worship), and a capelet. The afghan is grey, brick, medium sage, tan, with the MC (main color) being medium country blue. The pattern is "Jacob's Ladder" and I got it from the internet. I'm using worsted weight "I Love This Yarn" which is the store brand for Hobby Lobby.

The capelet is red, using "Vanna's Choice" yarn by Lion. The pattern is in a crochet book called "The Happy Hooker". I've sold a capelet in magenta, and one in white. I've also got 3 other capelet WIPs: one each in sapphire, grey, and black. I wasn't sure about using black (because of my sight) but it's the last of the capelets (so far!) so by now, I pretty much have the pattern memorized. Also, the yarn is worsted weight, so it's kind of large. I'm having to tie the knots and weave in the ends by feel though.

I also have a shawl WIP using white Lion silk mohair. I was on a roll with it and didn't realize that the last row is different, and almost ran out of yarn. The yarn is very fine (even with my eyesight, I can use it because the pattern calls for a size "I" hook) and so strong it's almost impossible to break, but because of the tiny, tiny fibers, it's also extremely hard to unravel.

(Another term for unraveling is "frogging", as in "ribbit" ... rip it! I think everyone who knits or crochets has to rip back sometimes. I've done that, usually when I have trouble figuring out a pattern. I've always been able to read a pattern, but lately find that frequently looking at a schematic is more helpful that the way the designer has written the directions. A "frogged" sweater, scarf, etc., is one in which the yarn is some that you've ripped - unraveled - from something else, maybe a thrift store item, or something you've knit or crocheted that either didn't turn out right, or you just gave up on making.)

I've GOT to stop buying yarn! It's hard to turn down when it's on sale. Used to, I bought it mostly from Michael's, but I also buy on line from Herrschner's, Patternworks, Annie's Attic, Joann's, Mary Maxim's, and once in awhile from another site or two. I usually look for the sale items. I usually buy the fancier books from CrochetMe and Interweave Press. (I crochet better than I knit.)

Because of riding paratransit buses, I usually have a WIP in my tote bag, and work on it while riding. Since I can't go out at lunch time, I work on things then, too. I've got enough yarn to keep me busy making things probably until the end of my life! Lately at least I've been buying more patterns and more pattern books.

I'll post a few pictures of these WIPs when they are no longer WIPs!


Anonymous said...

Story of my life, Netagene! On all accounts! I also have several WIP's right now.

A granny square afghan that I am going to try and auction off. 100% of the proceeds will be donated the homeless ministry at our church.

I also have a knit shawl pattern that I've just recently started. Might need to start over; I'm not as in love with the color combo as I originally thought. It uses a lace weight yarn and a smooth worsted weight.

I have finished a baby blanket, but it was my first project. It is a stripe pattern in varying widths. I didn't know the right way to tie in a new color yarn so now I have a lot of short yarn tails on both sides as well as knots. I am thinking of having someone sew a padded border around the edges to finish it off.

There is also a knit poncho (super easy) that's close to done. I think I slowed down on it because the season to wear it had passed. I will finish that one in time to wear this year.

Add to that the washcloths I'm crocheting or knitting at any given time and I have plenty to keep me busy!

I tend to buy my yarn from Michael's mostly because of their 40% off coupons.

Netagene said...

Because I have the capelet pattern pretty much memorized, I tried my hand making one in BLACK! I had to tie and weave the loose ends by feel because even in good light, I could not see them! And I sold it! For these 3 that I've sold - actually almost everything I sell - I got the money back for the yarn, and only 2 or $3 more. And I remembered several other WsIP that I have ... groan!