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Monday, September 24, 2012


Have you ever heard of Darwin's Sheep? or someone who wanders 'round?
often straying from the flock – whose nose is to the ground?

The grass is good in front of it. It rarely lifts its eyes,
then suddenly, it's far away, much to its surprise.

It's wedged into a corner. No way can it back out –
or a step from falling off a cliff, e'en it hears the shepherd’s shout.

But some sheep just won't listen. The shepherd knows what's best.
That one wouldn't be a good breeder. Let it go to save the rest.

Some times some folks can be like sheep, meandering on their way –
aimlessly in their own world, not noticing where they stray.

The shepherd can only do so much – won't force from the rocky steep.
Do YOU follow The Good Shepherd? or are you one of Darwin's sheep?

~ by Netagene, about 1 a.m. (middle of the night), September 23/24, 2012 ~

A few applicable verses from the New Testament: Matthew 10:14; Mark 4:19; John 10; Romans 1:24; I Timothy 6:8-9; Hebrews 6:4-8; James 1:12-15; I Peter 2:25; II Peter 2:9-21.

Here's where I got the idea for the poem.

I’d never heard of "Darwin's sheep" until I read about it in a novel. I looked it up. It refers to a sheep that wanders from the flock, maybe keeps its nose to the ground while eating, doesn’t pay attention to where it’s going, etc., and thus often eats itself into a corner and can’t get out, or follows the good grass down a cliff and can’t get back up, and so starves or maybe falls to its death, into a crevasse, etc. You get the idea … and the shepherd doesn’t bother to go after it, or after trying with no results, lets it go … because he doesn’t want a sheep like that to breed in with his flock … “survival of the fittest” … thus “Darwin’s sheep”.

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