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Thursday, September 20, 2012

FACEBOOK Poems - part 11

8:30 a.m. Wednesday, September 12. 2012. 
'Maters and 'taters and corn and beans!
No wonder I can't fit in my old blue jeans!
Oh, how those carbs and such go to my hips,
But umm! the good taste when they go past my lips!

8:25 a.m. Thursday, September 13. 
I'm a yarnaholic, but no 12 steps.
It's relaxing to me; I don't need any "helps"!
Two needles or one hook are oft' in my hand.
I'll "yarn" you something as fast as I can!

9:24 a.m. Friday, September 14. 
When the weather's nice, guess where I'll be -
On my front porch. Wish you could join me!

10:00 a.m. Saturday, September 15.
Happiness comes from within.
I'll do my best to avoid sin.

(I've been up awhile ... just now signing on! Gotta get something to eat, get the morning's newspaper ... and back to crocheting! On my screened-in front porch of course!)

7:43 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 16
I'll live forever but where will I be? God gave me birth for eternity!
E'en tho' life here is sometimes sad, by obeying God, my forever-life will be glad.

(Written May 27 & August 28, 2011)

9:06 a.m. Monday, September 17.
There was a quick cloudburst during preaching last night.
Forecast: 100% rain the next 2 days.
But I've no problems. Everything is all right.
And I'll always give God the praise!

(That's according to the NOAA site. It's wasn’t raining right at that minute, but I did go put some things in the mailbox, bring the garbage can from the curb back to the house, and get the newspaper - and sit on the front porch while I could.)

8:40 a.m. Tuesday, September 18.
Forecast was right - 100 percent –
raining straight down. Glad I'm not in a tent!
Recently got a new roof - old one there'd been a while.
I'm safe and I'm dry. Contented ... I smile.

(Right then, it's wasn’t raining, but it WAS thundering. It WAS raining, straight down, hard, when I wrote that the previous day. And the forecast was still 100%.)

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